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How to change the computer/server avatar/icon/image on vsphere summary page

Recently went on a hunt to find out how I could change the icon represented within Vsphere for the “server” it finds. The original image is named “obj-host.png”, which, after a quick google, yielded zero results.


In a browser, the URL looks like this: [FQDN]/ui/host-ui/resources/img/obj-host.png.

To change it:

  • Putty/SSH into your VSCA (vcenter server).
  • Run ‘shell’.
  • Run chsh -s /bin/bash root
My screenshot with all the misspellings and typos. Oh yeah.
  • Now, open WinCSP, and invoke a connection with the VSCA server again just like you did with putty/ssh.
  • I surfed to the following location (which may not be the same – in which case, search WinCSP for the image name obj-host.png):


Now, download the obj-host.png file, modify it with your favorite photo editing software, and slap it back in place right on top of this guy.

Your result:

EDIT: Upon updating VSCA from to, the changes did not persist; You’ll need to make this quick change whenever you upgrade the VSCA level.

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